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06/05/2016   20th Knesset, Second Session, Passover Recess
Knesset  marks Holocaust Remembrance Day with ”Unto Every Person There is a Name” ceremony
During the ceremony, which was held for the 27th consecutive year, President Reuven Rivlin, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Knesset Speaker Yuli-Yoel Edelstein, Supreme Court President Miriam Naor, ministers and MKs read aloud the names of Holocaust victims. Survivors and their relatives lit the six candles on the Knesset Menorah to commemorate the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust. In addition, an exhibit of photographs taken by survivors was on display

Knesset delegation takes part in ”March of the Living” in Poland for the first time in six years
Ahead of the Holocaust Remembrance Day march, MKs Tali Ploskov, Shuli Moalem-Refaeli, Hamad Amar, Avraham Neguise and Yael Cohen Paran visited, among other sites, the Jewish cemetery and the Ghetto Heroes Monument in Warsaw, as well as the Plaszow labor and concentration camp on the outskirts of Krakow. While visiting the Izaak Synagogue in Krakow, the MKs met a group of students from Morocco. ”The State of Israel is your home,” MK Moalem-Refaeli told them

Press Releases
5/5/2016 - Eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day: Speaker Edelstein lights candle to honor the victims` memory
5/5/2016 - Knesset marks Holocaust Remembrance Day with ”Unto Every Person There is a Name” ceremony
5/5/2016 - Knesset delegation takes part in ”March of the Living” in Poland for the first time in six years
3/5/2016 - Revealed during Justice Cmte meeting: 729 underage couples registered for marriage from 2014 to 2015
2/5/2016 - Knesset Director-General Plot takes leave of absence to run for mayor of Nazareth Illit
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The Knesset will be closed to the general public on Thursday, May 5, due to a Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony, and on Sunday, May 8, due to preparations for an event in the parliament building

On the Public Agenda
During a meeting with representatives from government offices dealing with Israel`s public diplomacy efforts, the head of the Subcommittee for Foreign Policy, MK Michael Oren, asked ”How can Israel fight the boycott movement in Sweden when its advertising and marketing budget in that country is $19,000 per year?” The head of the National Information Directorate called on the state to utilize for more Arabic speakers in its PR activities, while the Foreign Ministry`s rep complained that Israeli missions abroad are understaffed

The Knesset debates Israel`s relations with the United States, this after the US conditioned its $10 billion in guarantees for aiding in the absorption of new immigrants on the cessation of investments in settlements in Judea and Samaria, as well as in the Gaza Strip. MK Shaul Amor: ”The government of the US, a democratic country, is acting in an undemocratic manner towards the State of Israel. It wants to bend it and dictate to it anti-democratic decisions that do not suit an enlightened regime such as the American regime.”


In the Committees
8/5/2016 10:00 - Visit to the "Zur Yam" Navy Cadet School
9/5/2016 09:00 - Regulations to increase the enforcement of labor laws (certified wage examiner), 2015
9/5/2016 09:00 - Work accidents in the construction industry
9/5/2016 10:00 - 1. Local Councils Ordinance (finable offences) (amendment), 2016 - Tamar Rregional Council 2. Local...
9/5/2016 10:00 - Sexual harassment in academic institutions
9/5/2016 10:30 - Collective agreement regulations (payment of handling fees to employers' organization (amendment),...
9/5/2016 11:00 - Transparency of the Council for Higher Education and the Planning and Budgeting Committee
9/5/2016 11:30 - Work accidents in the construction industry
9/5/2016 12:00 - 1. Foreign worker regulations (deposit for foreign workers), 2015 2. Foreign worker regulations...
9/5/2016 13:00 - 1. Municipalities Ordinance (finable offences) (amendment), 2016 - Haifa Municipality 2....
9/5/2016 14:00 - Committee members to inspect Merkava - an across-the-board, computerization project in governmental...
16/5/2016 10:00 - Penal Bill (amendment no. 126) (community service - drug tests) - 2016
17/5/2016 10:30 - Privatization of driving tests and driving test examiners' strike
17/5/2016 12:00 - Rights for of victims of deadly accidents: Car accidents, work accidents, negligence etc.
19/5/2016 10:30 - Tour of the Standards Institution of Israel (Tel Aviv) and laboratory (at Kanot Junction)
19/5/2016 11:00 - Tour of Beit Hatfutsot, the Museum of the Jewish People, with an emphasis on incorporating children...
22/5/2016 10:00 - Festive meeting to mark Israel's 68th Independence day at Independence Hall in Tel Aviv
22/5/2016 10:00 - Prohibition of Genetic Intervention Bill (human cloning and genetic modification of germ cells)...
23/5/2016 09:30 - 1. Bill to determine payments to suppliers for goods and work, as well as for services rendered,...
23/5/2016 10:00 - Master plan for waste and landfill tax
23/5/2016 11:30 - Consumer Protection Bill (amendment no. 43) (payment notification for customer), 2015
23/5/2016 11:30 - Master plan for excess construction dirt and waste
23/5/2016 12:30 - Maintenance of Cleanliness Ordinance (amendment to the law's appendage), 2016- increasing landfill...
23/5/2016 12:30 - Financial Services Oversight Bill (non-institutional financial services), 2015
23/5/2016 13:00 - Real estate "purchasing groups"
24/5/2016 08:30 - Arabic signage on public transportation
24/5/2016 09:00 - 1. Israel National Road Safety Authority - State Comptroller's report taken from the 2011...
24/5/2016 10:00 - Bill to amend Iron Railroad Track Ordinance (no.9), 2014
24/5/2016 10:00 - Meeting with the Czech Senate Committee regarding Czech citizens living in the Diaspora
24/5/2016 11:30 - Immigration experience in the eyes of NAALE program graduates in "HaKfar HaYarok"
24/5/2016 14:00 - National Authority for Urban Renewal Bill, 2015
25/5/2016 09:30 - Contribution of American Jews to land settlement, immigration absorption and the immigrations of...
25/5/2016 09:30 - Law for the Protection of Literature and Authors in Israel (temporary order), 2013 - report by the...
29/5/2016 11:30 - Tour of urban renewal sites in Haifa
30/5/2016 09:30 - Motion for the agenda regarding permission to mine phosphate at Sde Barir and the expected harm to...
30/5/2016 11:30 - Bill to amend the Traffic Ordinance (no. 112), 2013
30/5/2016 12:30 - Financial Services Oversight Bill (legislative amendments), 2016 - proposal to convert the Capital...
31/5/2016 11:00 - Communications Bill (Bezeq Telecommunications and broadcasts) (amendment no. 57) (authority and...
31/5/2016 14:00 - National Authority for Urban Renewal Bill, 2015
1/6/2016 09:00 - Standards Bill (amendment - laboratory certified to approve the importing of goods), 2015
1/6/2016 09:30 - Postal ordinance (amendment to law's appendage) - 2015
1/6/2016 10:00 - Postal regulations (monetary services - qualification terms regarding a position in a company and...
6/6/2016 12:30 - Financial Services Oversight Bill (legislative amendments), 2016
8/6/2016 09:00 - Standards Bill (amendment - certified laboratory to approve the importing of goods), 2015
13/6/2016 12:00 - Evacuation and Reconstruction Bill (agreements to organize evacuation and reconstruction...
13/6/2016 13:15 - Evacuation and Reconstruction Bill (compensations) (amendment no. 4) (evacuation due to...
21/6/2016 14:00 - Planning and Building Regulations Bill (Ordinance) (amendment- obligation to facilitate the...
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