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Immigration Cmte discusses delay in implementation of plan to promote integration of Ethiopian citizens
Committee Chairman MK Avraham Neguise noted that the budgets designated for implementing the multi-year government plan have yet to be transferred to the local authorities. ”We won`t quit; we won`t let this plan fail,” he said. The commander of the IDF`s induction base informed the committee that there has been a 6% decline in the number of Ethiopian Israelis who do not complete their army service, and a 7.3% increase in the recruitment of female Ethiopian Israelis

Army chief Eizenkot: ”We want the IDF to operate according to its values – not gang ethos”
Appearing before the plenum of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eisenkot discussed anti-terror activity in Judea and Samaria, Hamas` efforts to build up its strength in Gaza, Hezbollah`s missile arsenal and the appointment of the new Chief Military Rabbi. Committee Chairman MK Avi Dichter submitted a draft resolution calling to keep the army outside the political debate so as not to harm the public`s trust in it

Press Releases
27/7/2016 - Immigration Committee discusses delay in implementation of multi-year government plan to promote the integration of Ethiopian citizens into society
26/7/2016 - Army chief Eizenkot at Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee: ”We want the IDF to operate according to orders and its values – not gang ethos”
26/7/2016 - Anti-Semitic assaults across the US doubled; MK Neguise: ”There is a general atmosphere of helplessness”
26/7/2016 - Four years into legalization of soft drugs in Colorado: Figures show drop in crime rates, road accidents
26/7/2016 - Acting National Security Adviser: Reconciliation agreement with Turkey was finalized five years ago
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On the Public Agenda
The term ”Zionism” carries a negative connotation with liberal Jewish teenagers abroad, who are ashamed of their Jewish origin and are careful not to identify with Israel to avoid being labeled as ”unpatriotic”, the head of the World Zionist Organization`s Department for Diaspora Activities told the Diaspora Affairs Committee. Chairman MK Avraham Neguise urged the government to increase the budget for activities aimed strengthening Jewish and Zionist identity overseas

The Knesset decides to establish a special committee on drug abuse. MK Hanan Porat: ”I think that there is a situation in which the authority of this committee could be expanded to also deal with alcohol, which is a plague in Israel.”

The Talmud, Tractate Yoma (69b)....

In the Committees
28/7/2016 09:00 - Defense Ministry's inadequate treatment of IDF soldier Yehuda Haisraeli
28/7/2016 09:00 - Visit to facilities in Haifa which treat women who are on the addiction continuum
28/7/2016 09:30 - Communications Bill (telecommunications and broadcasts) (amendment no. 57) (council and authority...
28/7/2016 10:00 - Meeting at "Taglit" and tour
28/7/2016 12:00 - Public petitions regarding a delay in receiving results of the rabbinical judge ordination exams,...
28/7/2016 13:30 - Communications Bill (telecommunications and broadcasts) (amendment no. 57) (council and authority...
31/7/2016 09:30 - Committee members tour the Achva Academic College
31/7/2016 10:00 - Insurance Contracts Bill (amendment – special compensation payment for nursing insurance), 2015
31/7/2016 13:00 - Bill regarding the capital declarations of senior employees in the civil service and local...
1/8/2016 08:30 - Bill regarding the regularization of security in public bodies (amendment no. 7) (representative...
1/8/2016 08:30 - Bill to secure alternative housing for Giv’at Amal's residents, 2016
1/8/2016 09:00 - Presentation of Erez Biton Report
1/8/2016 09:30 - Traffic regulations, 2016, regarding transfer of ownership to car fleets
1/8/2016 09:30 - Preventing damage to podologists who immigrate from France, while the podiatry profession is being...
1/8/2016 09:30 - Promoting Paris Climate Change Conference resolutions related to agriculture and the food market
1/8/2016 10:00 - 1. Inclusion of Biometric Means of Identification in Identity Documents and in an Information...
1/8/2016 10:30 - Police Bill (amendment no. 9), 2015
1/8/2016 10:30 - Absorption challenges and integration of English-speaking immigrants: medical professions...
1/8/2016 10:30 - National Service for new immigrant females
1/8/2016 10:30 - Arab academics' employment
1/8/2016 11:00 - Consumer Protection Regulations (duty to disclose details of sale of land that is not available for...
1/8/2016 11:00 - Motion for the agenda regarding "Saving the museum 'Martef HaShoah' on Mount Zion"
1/8/2016 12:00 - Motion for the agenda regarding "Elie Wiesel – the death of a symbol"
1/8/2016 12:00 - Transferring vocational schools from the Ministry of Economic Affairs to the Ministry of Education...
1/8/2016 12:30 - Arrangement regulations in the economy (legislative amendments) (process of selecting a gas...
1/8/2016 12:30 - 1. Application of the bill regarding the regularization of security in public bodies, 1998, on...
1/8/2016 12:30 - Salary discrimination among ultra-Orthodox women in the high-tech industry
1/8/2016 13:00 - Motion for the agenda regarding "Knesset commemoration day of the Armenian Genocide"
1/8/2016 13:30 - Subcommittee to Care for Homeless Youngsters
1/8/2016 14:00 - Renewed composition of the Netivot religious council
2/8/2016 09:00 - Discussion on minors as crime victims
2/8/2016 09:00 - Aspects of advancing the integration of Ethiopian Jews – Comptroller's report 63, and a request for...
2/8/2016 09:30 - 1. Antitrust Authority's new policy to deal with monopolies 2. Plan of the director of the...
2/8/2016 09:30 - PISA exam results
2/8/2016 09:30 - Model for rent – between modeling and prostitution, following an investigation article in Ayala...
2/8/2016 10:00 - Motion for the agenda regarding: "Removing blockages which prevent construction in rural areas"
2/8/2016 11:00 - The intention to transfer the students of "Shuvo" in Neve Yaakov to study in caravans and...
2/8/2016 11:00 - Rehabilitation of persons with disability of the soul in the community – State Comptroller's report
2/8/2016 12:00 - Motion for the agenda regarding: "Ministry of Immigration Absorption ignoring the fact that French...
2/8/2016 12:30 - Traffic regulations (alterations to the fifth directive's appendage), 2016, regarding traffic and...
2/8/2016 12:30 - Harsh figures of female morbidity after giving birth, who do not receive the correct treatment from...
2/8/2016 13:30 - Fishing regulations (amendment), 2015
3/8/2016 08:30 - Freight services regulations, 2016, with regards to regularizing the transportation of hazardous...
3/8/2016 09:00 - Motion for the agenda regarding: "Unprecedented distress in kennels in Israel"
3/8/2016 09:30 - Agricultural thefts that threaten the economies in the Negev and lack of economic profitability in...
3/8/2016 09:30 - 1. Eradicating the phenomenon of forgetting children in cars, follow-up meeting 2. Motion for the...
3/8/2016 09:30 - "Transparency in government work plans – planning vs. implementation"
3/8/2016 09:30 - 1. TAMA 38 outline – status 2. Bill regarding clearing and construction (agreements for arranging...
4/8/2016 10:00 - Visit to Beit Halochem in Tel Aviv
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