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Tour Station 9: The Knesset Plenum

The hall in which the the meetings of the Knesset plenum take place, is divided into two parts: The bottom part is where the Members of Knesset and members of the Government sit, and the upper part is the visitors' gallery.

In the plenum hall the Members of Knesset sit in accordance with the Parliamentary Groups to which they belong. The seating arrangements are determined by the Arrangements Committee before the first sitting of every new Knesset. The custom is that the committee enables the largest Group to choose its place in the hall. The largest Group in the coalition usually sits to the left of the Speaker, and the second largest Group to his right.

A view from rostrum
The weekly meetings of the Speaker and his deputies (the Knesset Presidium) at which, inter alia, the Knesset's agenda is determined, take place in the Speaker's bureau, as do the meetings of the Ethics Committee. The Speaker also holds working meetings and receives guests from Israel and abroad in his bureau.

On one of the walls of the entrance hall to the Speaker's bureau hang the pictures of all the former Knesset Speakers.

The 6th Knesset: The plenum, 6.5.1968

The 12th Knesset: A vote by raising of hands, 21.9.1992.

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