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The Knesset guard of honor, 26.1.1959.

Guard of honor welcoming guests to a reception on Independence Day, 26.4.1963.

Tour Station 3: The Knesset Guard

The Knesset has its own guard and usher unit, headed by the Sergeant-at-Arms. The Knesset guard is in charge of security in the Knesset compound and building, and of protecting their immunity.

The usher unit is in charge of maintaining order within the building.

The Knesset guard participates in official state ceremonies, within the Knesset compound and in the ceremony of the lighting of the torches at Mount Herzl on the eve of Independence Day.

In the Knesset building and its compound the guard or usher has the right to stop any person without a warrant, if there is reason to believe that he has committed an offence within the limits of the Knesset's immunity.

The Guard of Honor

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