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At the behest of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Speaker of the House Reuven Rivlin will speak with various Parliament Heads around the world.

Publicized: November 17, 2012

This afternoon Rivlin will pay his condolences to the family of the soldier Majdi Halabi.

As part of the ongoing situation in Southern Israel, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has made a request from Speaker of the House Rivlin to participate in the effort of explaining Israelís position in the international outlets. Rivlin is expected to speak with many Parliament leaders across the globe and explain in detail Israelís position and motives for acting in Gaza as a preparation for upcoming sessions on the matter in the UN and other international forums.

Today (Thursday) at 16:30 Rivlin will pay his condolences to the family of IDF soldier Majdi Halabi in Dalyat El Carmel, the Speaker is expected to address the situation in the South in his remarks.
The visit will be open to the members of the press.

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