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Date of Birth:14/12/1963
Place of Birth:Kfar Kassem, Israel
Residence:Kfar Kassem
Family Status:Married
Number of Children:7


- BA in economics and accounting, Hebrew University
- Accountant since 1991

Contact Info

Telephone 2:02-6408019


Independent accountant



Knesset Terms
Knesset 195.2.2013 - 31.3.2015
Knesset 2031.3.2015

Knesset 19Member, Education, Culture, and Sports Committee
 Member, Special Committee for Discussion on the Public Broadcast Bill
 Alternate Member, Finance Committee
Knesset 20Member, Economic Affairs Committee*
 Member, Special Committee to Discuss the National Authority for Urban Renewal Bill*
 Member, Special Committee for Discussion on the Public Broadcast Bill 2015*

Knesset Lobbies
Knesset 19Chair, Lobby for Promoting the Hitech Industries in the Arab Sector
 Chair, Lobby for the Promotion of Sports and an Athletic Lifestyle
 Chair, Lobby for the Promotion of Employment in the Arab Sector
 Member, Lobby for Equality in Employment
 Member, Lobby for Promoting Ties Between Jews and Arab
 Member, Lobby for the Status of the Teachers in Israel
 Member, Lobby for the Fight Against Black Money
 Member, Lobby for the 50+ Group in the Workforce
 Member, Lobby for the Promotion of a Solution for the Israeli-Arab Conflict
 Member, Lobby for the Struggle Against Corruption in the Public Sector
 Member, Lobby for the Strengthening and Promotion of the Arab Economy
 Member, Lobby for Fair Pension
Knesset 20Chair, Lobby for the Promotion of Sports and an Athletic Lifestyle*
 Member, Lobby for Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Expression*
 Member, Lobby for the Advancement of Education in the Arab Sector*
 Member, Lobby for the Development of the Arab Economy*

Other Knesset Roles
Knesset 19Member, Knesset Delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM)
Knesset 20Chair, Israel-Croatia Parliamentary Friendship Group*

Parliamentary Groups
Knesset 19 Meretz
Knesset 20 Meretz

*Current Roles

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