Portrait of Esawi Frij Esawi Frij Background picture of the Knesset

Date of Birth:14/12/1963
Place of Birth:Kfar Kassem, Israel
Residence:Kfar Kassem
Family Status:Married
Number of Children:7


- BA in economics and accounting, Hebrew University
- Accountant since 1991

Contact Info

Telephone 2:02-6408019


Independent accountant



Knesset Terms
Knesset 195.2.2013

Knesset 19Member, Education, Culture, and Sports Committee*
 Member, Special Committee for Discussion on the Public Broadcast Bill*
 Alternate Member, Finance Committee*

Knesset Lobbies
Knesset 19Chair, Lobby for the Promotion of Sports and an Athletic Lifestyle*
 Chair, Lobby for the Promotion of Employment in the Arab Sector*
 Chair, Lobby for Promoting the Hitech Industries in the Arab Sector*
 Member, Lobby for the Fight Against Black Money*
 Member, Lobby for the 50+ Group in the Workforce*
 Member, Lobby for the Promotion of a Solution for the Israeli-Arab Conflict*
 Member, Lobby for the Struggle Against Corruption in the Public Sector*
 Member, Lobby for the Strengthening and Promotion of the Arab Economy*
 Member, Lobby for Fair Pension*
 Member, Lobby for Equality in Employment*
 Member, Lobby for Promoting Ties Between Jews and Arab*
 Member, Lobby for the Status of the Teachers in Israel*

Other Knesset Roles
Knesset 19Member, Knesset Delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM)*

Parliamentary Groups
Knesset 19 Meretz

*Current Roles

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