Portrait of Moshe Dayan Moshe Dayan Background picture of the Knesset

Date of Birth:20/05/1915
Date of Death:16/10/1981
Place of Birth:Degania, Israel


Agricultural School in Nahalal; Tel Aviv Law School; Hebrew University

Military Service

From 1936-1939 he served in the Jewish Police, in the Special Night Platoon of Captain Ord Wingate; joined the Palmach and in the War of Independence he commanded Battalion 89. In 1948 was appointed Commander of the Jerusalem District and in this capacity he conducted negotiations with King Abdullah of Jordan and his representatives. Appointed Commander of Southern Command in 1949 and of Northern Command in 1952. From December 1952 he commanded the Intelligence Branch of the General Staff. After a year he as appointed to be Chief of Staff and served in this capacity during the Sinai Campaign in 1956. He resigned from the IDF in 1958

Additional Notes

Amateur Archeologist. In 1940 was put on trial by the British for activities in the Hagana and was sentenced to imprisonment. A year later lost his eye in an allied action against the Vichy forces in Lebanon.

Knesset Terms
Knesset 430.11.1959 - 4.9.1961
Knesset 54.9.1961 - 22.11.1965
Knesset 622.11.1965 - 17.11.1969
Knesset 717.11.1969 - 21.1.1974
Knesset 821.1.1974 - 13.6.1977
Knesset 913.6.1977 - 20.7.1981
Knesset 1020.7.1981 - 16.10.1981 (Partial tenure)

Knesset 6Member, Finance Committee
 Member, Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee

Parliamentary Groups
Knesset 4 Worker’s Party of Eretz Yisrael
Knesset 5 Worker’s Party of Eretz Yisrael, Rafi
Knesset 6 Rafi, Israel Labor Party, Alignment
Knesset 7 Alignment
Knesset 8 Alignment
Knesset 9 Alignment, Single MK - Moshe Dayan, Movement for National Renewal
Knesset 10 Movement for National Renewal
Roles in the Government
Knesset 4Govt. 9   Minister of Agriculture
Knesset 5Govt. 10   Minister of Agriculture
 Govt. 11   Until 04/11/1964 Minister of Agriculture
Knesset 6Govt. 13  From 05/06/1967 Minister of Defense
 Govt. 14   Minister of Defense
Knesset 7Govt. 15   Minister of Defense
Knesset 8Govt. 16   Minister of Defense
Knesset 9Govt. 18   Until 23/10/1979 Minister of Foreign Affairs
Public Activities
- In 1949 was part of Israeli delegation to ceasefire talks in Rhodes
- A founder of Rafi in 1965
- In 1966 visited Vietnam as a journalist
- On eve of Six Day War was appointed Defense Minister as a result of public pressure
- After the war he initiated the open bridges policy and the functional compromise concept.
- In 1968 helped establish the Labor Party but resigned in 1977
- As a single member faction he joined the first government of Menahem Begin as a Foreign Minister.
- In this capacity he played a major role in the visit of Anwar Sadat to Jerusalem in 1977 as well as in the peace process with Egypt.
- Dayan resigned from the Government in 1979 when Yosef Burg was appointed Israel’s representative to the autonomy talks with Egypt.

Diary of the Sinai Campaign (1965)
Naphtali Lau-Lavie, Moshe Dayan: a Biography (1968)
Israel Isaac Taslitt, Soldier of Israel: the Story of General Moshe Dayan (1969)
Yehudah Harel, Follow Me, the Story of Moshe Dayan (1972)
Moshe Dayan: Story of My Life (1976)
Living With the Bible (1978)
Breakthrough: A Personal Account of the Egypt-Israel Peace Negotiations (1981)
Robert Slater, Warrior Statesman; the Life of Moshe Dayan (1991)
Martin Levi Van Creveld, Moshe Dayan (2004)

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