Portrait of Shmuel Merlin Shmuel Merlin Background picture of the Knesset

Year of Birth:1910
Date of Death:04/10/1994
Year of Aliyah:1948
Place of Birth:Kishinev, Besserabia


Attended High School in Kishinov; studied Social Sciences and History at the University of Paris

Knesset Terms
Knesset 114.2.1949 - 20.8.1951

Knesset 1Member, Internal Affairs Committee
 Member, Internal Affairs Committee

Parliamentary Groups
Knesset 1 Herut Movement
Public Activities
- Joined Betar in his youth
- Chief Secretary of the Executive of the World Union of Revisionist Zionists, 1933-1938
- Edited the Yiddish Language Etzel publication in Warsaw, “Di Tat” (1938)
- When WWII broke out (1939) he made his way to Paris and from there to the United States
- Was active in creating committees of support for Etzel
- Edited the English language weekly “Answer” for the “Hebrew Committee for the Liberation of the Nation”, 1947-1948
- Served as an emissary for the organization in Europoe (1948)
- One of the founders of the Herut Movement (1948)
- Immigrated to Israel on the Altelana in 1948
- General Secretary of the Movement and Chief Editor of the “Herut” newspaper
- University lecturer in the United States on Middle East issues

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