Portrait of Ben-Zion Harel Ben-Zion Harel Background picture of the Knesset

Date of Birth:03/06/1892
Date of Death:19/09/1972
Year of Aliyah:1921
Place of Birth:Goldingen, Latvia


Heder and High School in Latvia; University of Zurich (Chemistry); University of Bern (Medicine) a Doctor of Medicine (1916)

Knesset Terms
Knesset 220.8.1951 - 15.8.1955
Knesset 315.8.1955 - 30.11.1959

Knesset 2Member, Committee for Public Services
 Member, Labor Committee
 Member, Committee for Public Services
 Member, Labor Committee
Knesset 3Member, Education and Culture Committee
 Member, Labor Committee
 Member, Committee for Public Services

Parliamentary Groups
Knesset 2 General Zionists
Knesset 3 General Zionists
Public Activities
- As a student was active in Zionist organizations in Switzerland
- Doctor at Ein Harod, 1922-1934
- Established and Directed the Central Hospital of Yizrael Valley
- Head Physician of Kupat Cholim in the North
- Chairman of Land of Israel Physicians Association (1935)
- Established Assuta Hospital in Tel Aviv (1936)
- In charge of Emergency Health Affairs for the National Council for Jewish Communities in pre-State Israel and Tel Aviv Municipality, 1940-1941
- Director General of the Health Ministry, 1948-1950
- Founder and Director of Elisha hospital (1949)

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