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06/05/2015   20th Knesset, First Session, Summer Assembly
Op-ed: Iran - a critical historical point, nothing less
In a special op-ed, MK Yariv Levin, Chair of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, refers to the nuclear negotiations with Tehran as a ”touchstone of the Western ability to preserve the founding principles of democratic society while confronting radical powers that use terrorism to impose a radical Islamic worldview, denying rights to women and minorities, and violating the freedom of speech and choice”

Edelstein: ”Parliament`s int`l activities very important; media coverage of costs harms national PR efforts”
Addressing a conference on “Parliamentary Diplomacy: Knowing the Areas of Activity of the Knesset in the International Arena”, the Knesset speaker said “There is no substitute for the presence of members of the Knesset in parliamentary conferences and international organizations as representatives of the State of Israel. We do not travel to enjoy and have fun, but to work around the clock, express our positions, thwart anti-Israel decisions and bring about multiple inter-parliamentary achievements and cooperation”

Press Releases
6/5/2015 - Op-ed by MK Yariv Levin: Iran - a critical historical point, nothing less
5/5/2015 - State Comptroller submits annual report to Knesset Speaker Edelstein
5/5/2015 - Knesset Speaker Edelstein: ”Parliament`s international activities extremely important; media coverage of their costs harms national PR effort”
4/5/2015 - Knesset Speaker Edelstein: ”It is not for nothing that the only picture that hangs here, in this hallowed hall, is the picture of Herzl”
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On the Public Agenda
During his speech at the state ceremony marking the end of Memorial Day and the beginning of the Israel`s 67th Independence Day festivities, Knesset Speaker Yuli-Yoel Edelstein addressed the importance of unity within the nation: ”We must strengthen that which we have in common; we must condemn the extremism and condescension, the racism and violence; otherwise, we will lose the moral foundation of our existence here”

During an official visit to the Knesset, the President of El Salvador says: ”We maintain relations only with democratic countries, and as far as we are concerned Iran is not a democratic country.”

The “status quo” is the position of the State of Israel with regard to religious matters....

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The 120 Knesset members are elected directly by the public to four-year terms. They represent all of the State of Israel's citizens.
Assembly of all the Knesset members in order to vote on bills, debate issues of national concern, and more. The Plenum is the central body of the Knesset, and has the highest authority within it.
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