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Knesset Lobby

A Knesset lobby is a group of Knesset members who want to enlist support for individuals, or for a group of individuals, or against others, or for support of a policy, or against a policy, either amongst their colleagues and/or other government officials. Generally, a Knesset members lobby's actions are concentrated on a specific topic and not on a wide range of ideas. The Knesset is not involved in the actions of the members' lobbies.

Knesset regulations allow for a member of Knesset who is not a minister or a deputy minister to form a Knesset lobby and be a member or chair of that lobby. The lobby operates during the term of the Knesset during which it was established. The MK who founds the lobby must inform the Knesset Secretary General of its establishment and provide a list of the MKs who are its members. The Secretary General must then publicize a list of the Knesset lobbies and their members on the Knesset's website.

A lobby is not an official Knesset body, but it is allowed to hold meetings within the Knesset building. The lobbies do not receive money from the Knesset, but its members are allowed to use their yearly budget according to the MK Salary Decision (grants and payments), 2001, for the needs of the lobbies as stipulated in detail in the decision.

A lobby that invites foreign officials to a meeting is asked to make sure to note that the request is for the lobby and not for an official Knesset activity. A lobby that wants to invite a state employee to its deliberations is asked to do so by way of the appointed minister, or at least through their knowledge and to make clear that they are not obligated to respond positively to the invitation. There is no connection between the Knesset lobbies and the lobbyists (interest groups) whose activists are individuals or groups who do not represent Knesset members.

The currently functioning Knesset lobbies presented on this website are all Knesset Members' Lobbies.

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