Jerusalem Day Law - 5758 (1998)

1. The 28th of Iyar - Jerusalem Day
  1. The Knesset hereby declares that the 28th day of the month Iyar is Jerusalem Day and will be celebrated yearly as a national holiday and will be called "Jerusalem Day".
  2. Jerusalem Day will be an optional day; for the purposes of this paragraph "an optional day" means that the employee has the option to take a holiday or to come to work; if the employee chooses to take a holiday it will be counted as one of his vacation days.
  3. The Minister of Education may institute educational activities devoted to Jerusalem Day.
2. Central Event
    The Prime Minister is authorized to initiate a central event that will commence Jerusalem Day.

3. The Prime Minister's Instructions

    The Prime Minister is authorized to determine which workers, which work and which services are not to discontinue on Jerusalem Day; as well as to determine work hours and work routines to be followed on that day.

4. Jerusalem Day Symbols

    The Prime Minister is authorized to determine Jerusalem Day symbols and their appropriate use.

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