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    The Knesset History

Defense Minister Sharon in debate on Operation Peace for the Galilee, Speaker Menahim Savidor presiding, 29.6.1982.

Protest by MK Shulamit Aloni (Ratz) against
the new Shamir government, 10.10.1983.

PM Shamir and Minister of Finance Aridor on the even of his resignation, October 1983.

Factional and Government Make-Up of the Tenth Knesset

Elected on 30 June, 1981.
Speaker: Menahem Savidor
Deputy Speakers: Yigal Cohen (from 12.3.84), Me'ir Cohen-Avidov, Naftali Fedder (from 12.3.84), Moshe Shahal;
Secretary General: Netan'el Lorch (until 1.1.83), Shmuel Jacobson.

Name of List Votes in Percentage Number of Seats Number of Seats Before Next Elections
Likud 1 37.1 48 46
Alignment 1 36.6 47 49
National Religious Party 2 4.9 6 5
Agudat Yisrael 3.7 4 4
Hadash 3.4 4 4
Movement for the Heritage of Israel 2.3 3 3
Tehiya 2.3 3 3
Movement for National Renewal 3 1.6 2 0
Shinui 1.5 2 2
Civil Rights Movement (Ratz) 4 1.4 1 1
Rafi 3 - 0 1
Movement for the Renewal of Social Nationalism 3 - 0 1
Single MK - Haim Druckman - 0 1
1 Two MKs moved from the Likud to the Alignment.
2 MK Haim Druckman left and remained a single MK.
3 The Movement for National Renewal split into two new groups: Rafi and the Movement for the Renewal of Social Nationalism.
4 Joined the Alignment at the beginning of the Knesset and split from it at the end of the Knesset.

The ninteenth government was formed by Menachem Begin, on 5 August, 1981.
The coalition members were: the Likud, the National Religious Party, Agudat Yisrael, Tami, Telem and the Tehiya (joined on 26.7.82). The number of ministers when the government was first formed - 17, and after the Tehiya joined - 18. The number of MKs who supported the government when it was first formed - 63, after the Tehiya joined - 66. The Prime Minister resigned for health reasons.

The twentieth government was formed by Yitzhak Shamir, on 10 October, 1983.
The coalition members were: as in the ninteenth government. The number of ministers when the government was formed - 20. The number of MKs who supported the government - 66.

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