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Telephone: (02) 02-6753119 / 02-6753537
Fax: (02) 02-6753475

Current Composition in the Knesset

Chairman: Eitan Cabel
Number of Seats: 15
Current Knesset Members:
Yehiel Hilik Bar   Omer Barlev   Michal Biran   Avishay Braverman   Eitan Cabel  
Isaac Herzog   Raleb Majadele   Erel Margalit   Merav Michaeli   Moshe Mizrahi  
Micky Rosenthal   Stav Shafir   Nachman Shai   Itzik Shmuli   Shelly Yachimovich  


 Raleb Majadele  (14/12/2014 - replaced Binyamin (Fouad) Ben-Eliezer)

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