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Lists and Candidates

The approved lists of candidates running for the 19th Knesset are presented below as well as their Hebrew letter symbols which will appear on the ballots:

 Am Shalem Chaired by Rabbi Chaim Amsallemץ
 Light Chaired by Yaron Yadanני
 Brit Olam Legeulat Yisrael Chaired by Ofer Lifschitzנ
 Likud Yisrael Beitenuמחל
 Chaim Bekavodהפ
 Meretz - Israel`s Leftמרצ
 Da-am - Workers Party Chaired by Asama Agvariaק
 Mitkademet Liberalit Democratitנק
 Dor Bonei Haaretz Chaired by Efraim Lapidזך
 Moreshet Avotהי
 Eretz Hadasha - Chaired by Eldad Yaniv and Rani Blairז
 National Democratic Assemblyד
 Green Leaf - Liberal Listקנ
 Otzma Leyisrael Chaired by Arieh Eldad and Michael Ben Ariנץ
 Habayit Hayehudiטב
 Hadash - Democratic Front for Peace and Equalityו
 The Economics Party Chaired by Yulia Shamalov Berkovichפי
 Hatenua Chaired by Tzipi Livniצפ
 The Green and Young for a Green Future in Israelרק
 Hatikva Leshinuiהק
 The Piratesפ
 Tzedek Hevrati Chaired by Gad Haranצק
 Israel Labor Party Chaired by Shelly Yachimovichאמת
 United Arab List - Arab Movement for Renewal - Arab Democratic Partyעם
 Kadima Chaired by Shaul Mofazכן
 United Torah Judaismג
 Koach Lehashpia Under the Direction of Rabbi Amnon Yitzhakפז
 We Are Brothersפנ
 Kulanu Haverimפץ
 Yesh Atid Chaired by Yair Lapidפה
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