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Ichud Leumi - Mafdal

Below are the top 16 (out of 120) candidates of the Ichud Leumi - Mafdal list running for the 17th Knesset.
1 Benyamin Elon
2 Zevulun Orlev
3 Zvi Hendel
4 Effie Eitam
5 Nissan Slomiansky
6 Yitzhak Levy
7 Eliahu Gabbay
8 Arieh Eldad
9 Uri Yehuda Ariel
10 Gila Finkelstein
11 Shaul Yahalom
12 Udi Lieberman
13 Orit Struk
14 Motti Yogev
15 Shmaryahu Ben-Zur
16 Uri Bank

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