According to the Knesset Elections Law (Consolidated Version) of 1969, the task of the Elections Committee is to carry out the elections for the upcoming Knesset. The committee is formed within 60 days of the induction of the newly formed Knesset, and it continues to function until the next committee is formed. The Central Elections Committee is comprised of Knesset members (or their delegates) representing various parliamentary groups, and is chaired by a Supreme Court justice. The committee has many tasks surrounding the elections including the authorization and registration of lists running for Knesset, the financing of elections, the organization and implementation of election day, the publication of election results, and appeals on the results.

Committee Presidium:

Justice Mishael CheshinChairman of the Committee
MK Efi OshayaLabor-Meimad
MK Michael EitanLikud
MK Zahava Gal-OnMeretz
Yehuda AvidanShas
Tamar EdriDirector General of the Committee
Orly AdasSenior Assistant to the Director General
Giora PordesSpokesman of the Committee

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