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Education, Culture, and Sports Committee

Telephone (Area Code 02):02-6408057 / 02-6408546
Fax (Area Code 02):02-6753158
   Email Address:

Committee Chairman: Yakov Margi

Committee Members:
Merav Ben Ari   Oded Forer   Masud Ganaim   Yehuda Joshua Glick   Yousef Jabareen  
Nurit Koren   Menachem Eliezer Moses   Itzik Shmuli   Manuel Trajtenberg   Mordhay Yogev  
Hanin Zoabi   Miki Zohar  

Eitan Broshi  

Committee Staff:
Director:Yehudit Gidali
Senior Coordinator:Revka Wieder
Legal Advisor:Merav Yisraeli
Coordinator:Leah Gofer
Spokesperson:Liron Weiss

The Committee deals with the following issues: education, culture, science, the arts, broadcasting, cinema, and sports.

At the beginning of the 16th Knesset, the subject of sport was added to the jurisdiction of the Education and Culture Committee. The committee was then renamed the Education, Culture, and Sports committee.

Subcommittee for cruelty towards animals
Subcommittee for Informal Education
Subcommittee for Informal Education
Subcommittee for Sports

Joint Committees:
Joint Committee on Victims of Violence and Racism in Sports
Joint Committee of the Economic Affairs Committee and the Education, Culture, and Sports Committee for the Second Authority Law

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