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Constitution, Law and Justice Committee

Telephone (Area Code 02):02-6408801
Fax (Area Code 02):02-6753199
   Email Address:

Committee Chairman: Nissan Slomiansky

Committee Members:
Ze'ev Binyamin Begin   Yoav Ben-Tzur   Anat Berko   Roy Folkman   Yael German  
Nurit Koren   Tzipi Livni   Uri Maklev   Michal Rozin   Osama Sa'adi  
Elazar Stern   Revital Swid  

Committee Staff:
Director:Asaf Friedman
Assistant Director:Natali Shelef
Senior Coordinator:Eti Danan
Coordinator:Hofit Alfi
Spokesperson:Shimon Malka
Legal Advisor:Sigal Kogot
Legal Assistant:Eliezer Stern
Legal Assistant:Efrat Hakak
Legal Assistant:Nizan Rozenberg
Legal Assistant:Noa Brodexsky-Levi
Legal Assistant:Naama Manchami

The Committee deals with the following issues: the constitution, the basic laws, legislation, and procedures of justice.

Subcommittee on the Approval of the Penal Order

Joint Committees:
Joint Committee for the Wiretapping Law
Joint committee for the Property Holocaust Survivors Law
Committee for Motor Vehicle Insurance
Joint Science and Internal Affairs and Environment Committee on Biometric Identification
Joint Committee for the Need to announce a state of Emergency
Joint Committee on evacuation and construction
Joint Committee of the ScienceCommittee and the Constitution Committee, According to the Law for the Electronic Monitoring Monitoring of Detainees
Joint Committee of the House Committee and the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee to Discuss the Political Parties (Financing) Bill
Joint Defense-Law Committee in Accordance With the Military Service Law - Exemption for Religious Reasons

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