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Internal Affairs and Environment Committee

Telephone (Area Code 02):02-6408815 / 02-6408813
Fax (Area Code 02):02-6753198
   Email Address:

Committee Chairman: David Amsalem

Committee Members:
Talab Abu Arar   Abdullah Abu Maaruf   Hamad Amar   Yakov Asher   Zouheir Bahloul  
Ze'ev Binyamin Begin   Yoav Ben-Tzur   Nava Boker   Yael Cohen Paran   Yael German  
Sharren Haskel   Akram Hasoon   Bezalel Smotrich   Revital Swid   Tamar Zandberg  

Yehuda Joshua Glick   Yigal Guetta  

Committee Staff:
Director:Lea Kichli
Senior Coordinator:Shoshana Azulay
Coordinator:Liat Sa'adon
Coordinator:Rachel Dayan
Secretary:AyA Hodaya
Spokesperson:Rivka Kaneric
Legal Advisor:Tomer Rosner
Legal Advisor for Internal Security:Miri Frenkel Shore
Legal Assistant:Liron Adler Minka
Legal Assistant:Ido Ben Yichak
Legal Assistant:Gilad Keren
Legal Assistant:Roni Tiesser

The Committee deals with the following issues: local government, town planning, entry into the country and population registration, citizenship, press and intelligence, ethnic communities, the religious organization of Jews and non-Jews, police and prisons. The issue of environment was added to the Interior Committee in the course of the eighth Knesset.

Subcommittee for Examining Planning and Environment Issues at Haifa Bay
Subcommittee for Fire and Rescue Services
Subcommittee for Planning and Construction in Druze Local Authorities

Joint Committees:
Joint Committee to Discuss the Water Bill (amendment no. 27), 2016
Joint Committee on Victims of Violence and Racism in Sports
Joint Science and Internal Affairs and Environment Committee on Biometric Identification
Joint Committee to Discuss the Extension of the Validity of the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law

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