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Internal Affairs and Environment Committee

Telephone (Area Code 02):02-6408815 / 02-6408813
Fax (Area Code 02):02-6753198
   Email Address:

Committee Chairman: David Amsalem

Committee Members:
Talab Abu Arar   Abdullah Abu Maaruf   Daniel Atar   Rachel Azaria   Zouheir Bahloul  
Ze'ev Binyamin Begin   Yoav Ben-Tzur   Nava Boker   Yael German   Robert Ilatov  
Uri Maklev   Bezalel Smotrich   Tamar Zandberg   Miki Zohar  

Committee Staff:
Director:Lea Kichli
Senior Coordinator:Shoshana Azulay
Coordinator:Liat Sa'adon
Coordinator:Rachel Dayan
Secretary:AyA Hodaya
Spokesperson:Ronit Gal
Legal Advisor:Tomer Rosner
Legal Advisor for Internal Security:Miri Frenkel Shore
Legal Assistant:Liron Adler Minka
Legal Assistant:Ido Ben Yichak
Legal Assistant:Gilad Keren
Legal Assistant:Roni Tiesser

The Committee deals with the following issues: local government, town planning, entry into the country and population registration, citizenship, press and intelligence, ethnic communities, the religious organization of Jews and non-Jews, police and prisons. The issue of environment was added to the Interior Committee in the course of the eighth Knesset.

Subcommittee for Fire and Rescue Services

Joint Committees:
Joint Committee on Victims of Violence and Racism in Sports
Joint Science and Internal Affairs and Environment Committee on Biometric Identification

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