Knesset Committees

Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee

Telephone (Area Code 02):02-6408536 / 02-6408537 / 02-6753123
Fax (Area Code 02):02-6753100
   Email Address:

Committee Chairman: Avi Dichter

Committee Members:
Omer Barlev   Merav Ben Ari   Anat Berko   Sharren Haskel   Robert Ilatov  
Yoav Kisch   Yair Lapid   Tzipi Livni   Shuli Moalem-Refaeli   Menachem Eliezer Moses  
Amir Ohana   Amir Peretz   Nachman Shai   Ofer Shelah   Shelly Yachimovich  
Mordhay Yogev  

Hamad Amar   Yehiel Hilik Bar   Yehiel Hilik Bar   Merav Ben Ari   Eyal Ben-Reuven  
Yoav Ben-Tzur   Israel Eichler   Zehava Galon   Aliza Lavie   Erel Margalit  
Merav Michaeli   Yaakov Perry   Bezalel Smotrich   Elazar Stern   Ksenia Svetlova  
Miki Zohar  

Committee Staff:
Director:Shmuel Letko
Head of Security Field:Dafna Sidis-Chohen
Head of field (Politics and Security):Orly Almagor Lotan
Head of Field (Military Budget) :Yoni Ben Harush
Head of Field (Intelligence):Carmel Gil
Coordinator:Dana Barak
Coordinator:Limor Elooz
Spokesperson:Ron Roman
Legal Advisor:Miri Frankel-Shor
Legal Assistant:Edo Ben Yiztchak
Legal Intern:Hadar Bar Shalom

The Committee deals with the following issues: the foreign affairs of the state, its armed forces and its security.

Subcommittee for Foreign Policy, Public Relations, and the Political Struggle
Subcommittee for the Examination of Home-Front Readiness
Subcommittee for the Readiness of the Home Front

Joint Committees:
Joint Committee for the Defense Budget
Joint Defense-Law Committee in Accordance With the Military Service Law - Exemption for Religious Reasons
Joint Committee to Discuss the Extension of the Validity of the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law
Joint Committee for the Need to announce a state of Emergency
Joint Committee of the Labor, Welfare and Health Committee the National-Civil Service Law, 2014
Joint Committee for the Wiretapping Law

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