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Economic Affairs Committee

Telephone (Area Code 02):02-6408060 / 02-6408059
Fax (Area Code 02):02-6753490
   Email Address:

Committee Chairman: Avishay Braverman

Committee Members:
Yakov Asher   Ariel Atias   Moshe Zalman Feiglin   Gila Gamliel   Tzachi Hanegbi  
Ronen Hoffman   Robert Ilatov   Michal Rozin   Ayelet Shaked   Itzik Shmuli  
Hanna Swaid   David Tsur  

Yitzhak Vaknin  

Committee Staff:
Director:Leah Varon
Senior Coordinator:Idit Hannukah
Coordinator:Dikla Taku
Coordinator:Kochi Shabty
Coordinator:Yifat Levi Israel
Spokesperson:Lior Rotem
Assistant Secretary:Liron Bar-niv
Legal Advisor:Eti Bendler
Legal Advisor's Assistant:Caspi Abigail
Legal Advisor's Assistant:Avital Sompolinsky
Legal Intern:Inbal Dagan

The Committee deals with the following issues: Trade and industry, supply and rationing, agriculture and fisheries, all sectors of transportation, cooperative association, economic planning and coordination, development, state concessions and trusteeship over property, the property of absentee Arabs, the property of Jews from enemy states and of Jews who are no longer alive, public works, housing, communications, Israel Land Administration, energy, infrastructure, and water.

Subcommittee for the War on Traffic Accidents
Subcommittee on Supervision Over the Implementation of the Promotion of Competition in the Food Industry Law
Subcommittee on the Development of Renewable Energy

Joint Committees:
Joint Economics-Finance Committee for the Promotion of Competition in the Food Sector

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