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Labor, Welfare and Health Committee

Telephone (Area Code 02):02-6408067 / 02-6408068 / 02-6408069
Fax (Area Code 02):02-6408315
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Committee Chairman: Elie Elalouf

Committee Members:
Abdullah Abu Maaruf   Merav Ben Ari   Michal Biran   Meir Cohen   Israel Eichler  
Ilan Gilon   Yigal Guetta   Nurit Koren   Yulia Malinovsky   Shuli Moalem-Refaeli  
Avraham Neguise   Tali Ploskov   Itzik Shmuli   Jamal Zahalka  

Committee Staff:
Director:Anat Cohen Samuel
Head of Parliamentary Affairs:Eti Shabtai
Senior Coordinator:Maayan Ben Ami
Coordinator:Shai Gershom Meir
Spokesperson:Uri Michael
Legal Advisor:Noa Ben Shabat
Senior Appointee:Shimrit Gitlin Shaked
Senior Appointee:Anat Mimon
Legal Assistant:Yael Salant
Legal Intern:Inbar Herskovich

The Committee deals with the following issues: labor; social security including the system for guaranteeing a minimum income; the National Insurance Institute; health; welfare; rehabilitation; the disabled and their rehabilitation, including disabled soldiers and the families of the victims of warfare and other victims; juvenile delinquents; pensions and benefits; payments to soldiers and their families. Until the end of the term of the eighth Knesset, there were two separate committees: one for labor and the other for public services.

Subcommittee for Pensions in the Evolving Kibbutz
Subcommittee for the "Cycle of Employment" program of the Economics Ministry
Subcommittee for the Regulations for Equal Rights for the Handicapped Law
Subcommittee on Mental Health Reform
Subcommittee on the Status of the Elderly
Subcommittee to Care for Homeless Youngsters

Joint Committees:
Joint Committee to Discuss the National Insurance Law (Calculation of Childbirth Allowance for Independent Policyholder), 2014
Joint Committee of the Labor, Welfare and Health Committee the National-Civil Service Law, 2014
Joint Committee Affairs to Discuss the Bill to Amend the Dentists' Directive

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