Knesset Committees

House Committee

Telephone (Area Code 02):02-6408073 / 02-6408072
Fax (Area Code 02):02-6753486
   Email Address:

Committee Chairman: David Bitan

Committee Members:
Yoav Ben-Tzur   Israel Eichler   Roy Folkman   Tzachi Hanegbi   Yoel Hasson  
Oren Asaf Hazan   Robert Ilatov   Yoav Kisch   Merav Michaeli   Shuli Moalem-Refaeli  
Avraham Naguisa   Ayelet Nahmias-Verbin   Ayman Odeh   Elazar Stern   Ahmad Tibi  
Miki Zohar  

Committee Staff:
Director:Eti Ben-Yosef
Head of Parliamentary Affairs:Noah Biran-Dadon
Spokesperson:Rivka Kanarek
Legal Advisor:Arbel Asterhan

The Committee deals with the following issues: the Knesset Rules of Procedure and all matters stemming from it; the immunity of Knesset members and requests for lifting it; the rules of the House; recommendations regarding the Parliamentary Groups and personal make-up of the permanent committees and the committes on a particular matter, as well as the appointment of their chairmen; the distribution of functions amongst the committees and coordination between them; decisions regarding the transfer of bills to the appropriate committee; the passing on of requests presented to the Knesset by the public for the Knesset Speaker or one of the Knesset committees; payments to Knesset members; discussions on requests and matters that are not connected to any committee or are not included among the functions of another committee.

Joint Committees:
Joint Committee for the Knesset Budget

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