Knesset Committees

House Committee

Telephone (Area Code 02):02-6408073 / 02-6408072
Fax (Area Code 02):02-6753486
   Email Address:

Committee Chairman: Yoav Kisch

Committee Members:
Abdullah Abu Maaruf   David Amsalem   Yoav Ben-Tzur   Israel Eichler   Roy Folkman  
Yoel Hasson   Robert Ilatov   Merav Michaeli   Shuli Moalem-Refaeli   Ayelet Nahmias-Verbin  
Avraham Neguise   Amir Ohana   Elazar Stern   Ahmad Tibi   Miki Zohar  

Committee Staff:
Director:Eti Ben-Yosef
Head of Parliamentary Affairs:Noah Biran-Dadon
Spokesperson:Mor Abargil
Legal Advisor:Arbel Asterhan

The Committee deals with the following issues: the Knesset Rules of Procedure and all matters stemming from it; the immunity of Knesset members and requests for lifting it; the rules of the House; recommendations regarding the Parliamentary Groups and personal make-up of the permanent committees and the committes on a particular matter, as well as the appointment of their chairmen; the distribution of functions amongst the committees and coordination between them; decisions regarding the transfer of bills to the appropriate committee; the passing on of requests presented to the Knesset by the public for the Knesset Speaker or one of the Knesset committees; payments to Knesset members; discussions on requests and matters that are not connected to any committee or are not included among the functions of another committee.

Subcommittee for the Hussan Bypass Road
Subcommittee on the Recommendations to Change the Wages and Work Conditions of Knesset Members and Parliamentary Advisors
Subcommittee to Discuss MKs and Ministers Representing the Knesset at Ceremonies Marking the Day of Remembrance for Fallen Soldiers

Joint Committees:
Joint Committee for the Knesset Budget
Joint Committee of the House Committee and the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee to Discuss the Political Parties (Financing) Bill

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