The Knesset Building: Planning and Construction - Photo Gallery

The cover of Cathedra No. 96, of July 2000

The cover of the offprint of Cathedra No. 105, of September 2002

The original plan of the architects A. Mansfeld and M. Weinraub for the Government Complex in Giv’at Ram, which won the 1950 contest

The Knesset building site in 1961 looking southwards, with two giant cranes, and the track on which they moved. Photographer: Bill Gillitt

The architectural plan for the Committee floor, 1962

The external wall with the columns, as constructed

A model of the columns as originally planned. Photographer: Bill Gillitt

A model of the gallery for visitors, planned for the Chagall Hall. Photographer: Bill Gillitt

Two efforts to cut words on stone for the plenary hall. Photographer: Susan Hattis Rolef

The staircase going up from the cafeteria in the Baker building at MIT, planned by Alvar Alto

The staircase connecting the Government floor with the Committee floor

The "pool" of the library reading hall, whose design was influenced by Alvar Alto’s library in Viipuri

The ceramic wall by Chava Kaufman. Photographer: Eliezer Segal

One of the Weil gates. Photographer: Eliezer Segal

Meeting corner in the Knesset Speaker’s bureau, designed by Dora Gad. Photographer: Eliezer Segal

The inner dining room for MKs, designed by Dora Gad. Photographer: Eliezer Segal

A model of the original plan for the plenary hall, with the President’s balcony on the left. Photographer: Bill Gillitt

A model of the original plan for the plenary hall: a view in the direction of the galleries, without a partition, and with hanging ceiling. Photographe: Bill Gillitt

The Knesset building. 1966

The inauguration of the Knesset building (August 30, 1966)

The Knesset building before its completion, in October 1964

The U.S. Embassy building in Athens, planned by Walter Gropius

The podium in the plenary hall, and the wall designed by Danny Karavan

The Knesset as seen through the Palombo gate

The Chagall Hall: Chagall’s tapestries and the "chocolate bar" ceiling

The Altes Museum, designed by Friedrich Schinkel in Berlin

The model of the Second Temple, at the Holyland Hotel in Jerusalem

The temple constructed by the female Pharaoh Hatshepsut in Deir El-Bahri in Egypt

A carbon drawing of the model of the Knesset building, prepared by Klarwein for the competition in 1957

A carbon drawing of the model of the Knesset building, prepared by Klarwein for the competition in 1957

The model of the Knesset building, presented by Klarwein for the competition, 1957

The model of the Knesset building by Karmi and Gillitt, 1961

A current map sketched on the basis of an original map of the Government complex, September 1950

"The scandal of the Knesset building", headline in the Ha’olam Hazeh weekly of August 7, 1957; in that article there are photos of some of the models presented in the competition

The architect Joseph Klarwein, and the model he presented in the competition (July 1957)

Aerial photograph of the Government complex in 1997

Reception held by Menachem Begin for U.S. President Jimmy Carter in the Chagall Hall (March 12, 1979)

The Knesset plenum (November 21, 1988). The "guillotines" can be seen clearly above the gallery

The Government meeting room in the Knesset building

A meeting in the Government meeting room, chaired by P.M. Golda Meir (March 17, 1969)

Knesset Committee room, view from the outside. Photographer: Susan Hattis Rolef

Meeting in the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee room (March 23, 1989)

The Knesset House Committee room: view from the inside

The Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee room: view from the inside

The model of the Knesset building by Klarwein and Powsner, 1959

The first model of the Knesset building by Karmi and Gillitt, 1960

The Ataturk Mausoleum in Ankara

The postcard sent by Gad Asher from Helsinki, depicting the Finnish parliament

The architect Richard Kaufmann

One of the Herzl pictures in the Knesset building: an oil painting by Baron Joseph Arpad Koppay von Dretoma

Boris Schatz, self-portrait, Schatz Fund

Marc Chagall supervising the creation of the center tapestry

David Palombo working on the Knesset gates. Photographer: Werner Braun

Reuven Rubin painting the picture for the Government meeting room in the Knesset. Israel Zafrir ©, provided by the Jerusalem Post archive

The Knesset building plan with the ramp connecting the Knesset foreground with the road

The Knesset cornerstone

Work on the Knesset building before the roof was cast. Photographer: Hans Ruegg

The concrete factory, and one of the two cranes on the Knesset building site. Photograph: Bill Gillitt

Chava Kaufman making color corrections on the tiles of the ceramic wall in the cafeteria. 1966

The Knesset building site. The cement factory is on the left.

Construction of the stairs between the first and second floor, and between the second and third floor. Photographer: Bill Gillitt

Klarwein’s and Powsner’s plan of 1959. The building is situated on the northern edge of the compound, and the entrance into the building is on the South

The architect Richard Kaufmann

The architect Heinz Rau

The architect Dov Karmi

The architect Al Mansfeld

The architect David Anatol Brutzkus

The architect Avraham Yaski

Mrs. Dorothy de-Rothschild with Knesset Speaker, Kadish Luz, August 30, 1966

MK Max Nurock at the ceremony for the laying down of the cornerstone of the Knesset building. Behind, the President of the State, the Speaker of the Knesset, and Mrs. Dorothy de-Rothschild

The synagogue designed by architect David Cassuto

The front wall of the plenary hall, designed by Danny Karavan. Photographer: Daniel Goldberg

Dora Gad and Marc Chagall

Work on the wall mosaic by Chagall

The Palombo gate at the entrance to the Knesset compound

The Tribes’ (Weil) Gate at the entrance to the Knesset building

The final plan of the building towards the completion of the construction

Model of the Government complex and the Knesset building of 1966

The ceiling of the Chagall Hall, and the Ben-Shmuel relief